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Summary of the execution phase No 3

Summary of the execution phase No 4 


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Summary of the execution phase No 1

Summary of the execution phase No 2

  • Project’s end products:
  • A comprehensive report of the profile of RODG and the hierarchy of barriers of participation in the cervical cancer screening program
  • A fully equipped laboratory that will provide HPV testing resources to the whole NW region of Romania
  • The automated cancer registration portal


         The project will produce a scientific insight into to the uncovered needs related to the cervical cancer screening program organization in Romania, from the beneficiary’s point of view.

         The project will plan, design and implement a systematic approach for automatic cancer data collection in North Western Region of Romania, named OncReg, hosted by the Portal developed through the project.

         The project will determine the prevalence of dysplasia, invasive cervical cancer and the predominant genotypes in Roma women; it will provide long lasting protection of Roma and other disadvantaged women who underwent both HPV testing and cytology;

        We expect to observe an improvement in completeness and timeliness of regional cancer data and figures as well as an accurate assessment of the efficiency of the screening programs on specific target populations. The last but not the least this is expected to lead to an improved governance in health care in the NW region, also creating premises and acquired experience for an improvement at national level, regarding one of the major health problems in Romania, cancer and in particular cervical cancer.



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