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The project propose synergistic approaches to the cervical cancer issue in Roma population and other disadvantaged groups, starting with identification and definition of population profile, prevention, early detection and treatment, surveillance performed through cancer registry, as well as applying lessons learned in improving governance in cancer control in our region. An inter-sectionality approach may provide a richer understanding of the complexities that influence women’s pathways to cervical cancer screening and assist design of regional and national programmes and policies from a social justice perspective.

The project is aimed in 3 main directions:

1. To study access barriers to cervical cancer screening of Roma and other disadvantaged groups in order to build a network of access to quality controlled medical services, with relevant practical issues related to increasing awareness on availability of preventive measures, increasing accessibility and addressability to Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and Babes-Papanicolaou tests and to treatment facilities;

2. To build institutional capacity for increasing cancer data quality within the North-Western Cancer Registry of Romania, for better governance in cancer health care in our region;

3. To integrate HPV Primary Screening for Roma and other disadvantaged groups in the Organized Cervical Cancer Screening Programme in the NW Region, through an HPV-integrated screening pilot focused on Roma and other disadvantaged groups.

The project provides a unique opportunity to evaluate the performance of such a program in the regional public health system, which can be subsequently expanded to cover more general population groups, up to national application. Moreover, by sustaining public health system innovation, the project influences the research community by improving data accuracy as well as data availability. The partner institutions engaged in the project (IOCN and Kreftregistered) have an undeniable excellence in the field.


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